Every pastor and educator has needs for high quality, affordable, easy to use educational materials. Sometimes, other, more pressing demands of ministry require a pastors attention. Sometimes, there's a crisis. Sometimes, a pastor or educator is just plain out of fresh ideas.

Theocademy is here to help by developing faith formation materials for Presbyterians through high quality video series and study guides.

Currently available:

  • Theocademy Confirmation - Once young people learn about our God of Grace and Love, why would they not choose to be Presbyterian? It can't just be brainwashing. It has to be so much more.
  • Lessons for Deacons and Ruling Elders - God gave us Ruling Elders and Deacons so we could be the people God made us to be. What do these leaders need to know to effectively lead the Church?
  • Lessons for New Members - To be Presbyterian is to join a way of life informed by a particular rhythm: God calls us in grace and love; we respond in gratitude.