How is the SoMA Organized?

Presbyterians are a people who believe in living according to covenants: mutually beneficial agreements that make clear how we believe we are to live with one another. Below are the various documents that clarify our understanding of these relationships.

Book of Confessions - The Book of Confessions is Part 1 of the PCUSA Constitution, and is our official set of theological statements. Composed of 12 different creeds, confessions, and catechisms, the Book of Confessions provides us with an understanding of who we are, what we believe, and what we resolve to do.

Book of Order 2015-2017 - The Book of Order is Part 2 of the PCUSA Constitution, and is our understanding of how to practically live as people of God. Composed of our "Form of Government," "Directory for Worship," and "Rules of Discipline," the Book of Order makes clear how we believe we are to show love to one another.

SoMA Governance Manual - The Governance Manual is composed of our ByLaws and Standing Rules.

2019 SoMA Missional Priorities - Each year, the Synod Assembly establishes and prioritizes the work of the SoMA's staff.

SoMA Personnel Handbook - The Personnel Handbook outlines the ways in which our staff and volunteers are expected to conduct themselves as they work towards fulfilling the Missional Priorities.