Two White Guys talk about Race. [SoMAcast]


Landon and James spend time as two white guys highlighting some chapters from Bruce Reyes-Chow's new book But I Don't See You As Asian: Curating Conversations About Race

In this episode: 

We'll see you at Big Tent for #bigtentafterdark
Bruce is disturbingly nuanced
"Being white is hard"; Ben Folds' "Rockin' The Suburbs"
"But I don't see you as Asian"; Our race and ethnic heritage is a part of who we are
"You all look the same"; "I'm not racist but..."; Jose Irizarry and Interculturalism
"No, where are you FROM?"
"We need at least one" ; Racial tokenism; Landon announces his candidacy for President of the Theresa Cho Fan Club
"Let's just stop talking about race";  We ostrich racial conversations; It's okay to ask stupid questions in good faith;
Landon and James renew their call to help the SoMA "light one candle" against racism.

48 minutes