Episode 007. Licence to Thrill [SoMAcast]

Sometimes, we don't say the things we need to say. This week, Landon and James talk about the things Pastors should say to congregations and vice versa. 

In this episode: 

Landon and James do a little catch up. with where they've each been during the week. First full week in the new office!
Landon's upcoming email sabbatical, inspired by danah boyd
Rachel Held Evans: 11 Things I Wish More Pastors Would Say
The Theophilus Project: 10 Things Pastors Need to Hear from Their Congregations
Confession and Assurance; Total Depravity, "10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag"
Be yourself; Landon is a snowflake; authenticity and maturity
Sabbath is crucial; "vacation" does not mean "working outside the office"; MaryAnn McKibben Dana is coming for OASIS
Let's get sacramental; Communion should be live giving not a funeral dirge;
Pastors don't always know exactly what a scripture means. Shocker! Anna Carter Florence, "Preaching as Testimony"
It's all about authenticity

44 minutes