Is taking Sabbath selfish? [SoMAcast]

Poor James. He's really tired and worn out. This week he and Landon reflect on Sabbath, Sabbatical, and owning our own self-care. 

In the episode: 

MC Frontalot: I'll Form the Head (it's a geek joke) 
Come to OASIS! 
MaryAnn McKibben Dana's Sabbath in the Suburbs
Landon's Email Sabbatical
The Protestant work ethic
Preparation for Sabbath is hard work
Sabbath is an outgrowth of genuine relationship
What is our theology of employment?
Learn about these people now: Seth Godin, Merlin Mann, Leo Babauta, Tim Ferriss ... Seriously, RIGHT NOW.
And now... nap time.

31 minutes

Two White Guys talk about Race. [SoMAcast]


Landon and James spend time as two white guys highlighting some chapters from Bruce Reyes-Chow's new book But I Don't See You As Asian: Curating Conversations About Race

In this episode: 

We'll see you at Big Tent for #bigtentafterdark
Bruce is disturbingly nuanced
"Being white is hard"; Ben Folds' "Rockin' The Suburbs"
"But I don't see you as Asian"; Our race and ethnic heritage is a part of who we are
"You all look the same"; "I'm not racist but..."; Jose Irizarry and Interculturalism
"No, where are you FROM?"
"We need at least one" ; Racial tokenism; Landon announces his candidacy for President of the Theresa Cho Fan Club
"Let's just stop talking about race";  We ostrich racial conversations; It's okay to ask stupid questions in good faith;
Landon and James renew their call to help the SoMA "light one candle" against racism.

48 minutes 

How Long, O Lord?: White Noise and MLK in a hoodie [SoMAcast]

Landon and James don't have pulpits to preach in, but they do have a podcast. This week, they take a moment to address white privilege and the church.

In this episode:

"Do this and you will live..." A sermon from Rev. Jamie McLeod
White Noise: Christian Whispers and Shouts on the Trayvon Martin Case by Elizabeth Drescher
Dr. Beverly Tatum: Racism is a system of advantage based on race.
"The Zimmerman Acquittal: America's Racist God" by Dr. Anthea Butler
Racism is a moving sidewalk and we have to be anti-racist
The SoMA calls for help

36 minutes

Episode 008 Jesus and Superman [SoMAcast]

Landon is on vacation, so in this episode James invites Jason to join the conversation.  While the boss is away anything can happen!  In this episode we explore the new Superman " Man of Steel" of movie.  Is Superman the Jesus the church really wants?  Is Superman a super example of faith?  Superman sermons, from who?  And much more....


20 minutes


The Man of Steel Sermon Resources  

NPR'S All Things Considered Superman Interview

Article on Superman in the Guardian  

Episode 007. Licence to Thrill [SoMAcast]

Sometimes, we don't say the things we need to say. This week, Landon and James talk about the things Pastors should say to congregations and vice versa. 

In this episode: 

Landon and James do a little catch up. with where they've each been during the week. First full week in the new office!
Landon's upcoming email sabbatical, inspired by danah boyd
Rachel Held Evans: 11 Things I Wish More Pastors Would Say
The Theophilus Project: 10 Things Pastors Need to Hear from Their Congregations
Confession and Assurance; Total Depravity, "10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag"
Be yourself; Landon is a snowflake; authenticity and maturity
Sabbath is crucial; "vacation" does not mean "working outside the office"; MaryAnn McKibben Dana is coming for OASIS
Let's get sacramental; Communion should be live giving not a funeral dirge;
Pastors don't always know exactly what a scripture means. Shocker! Anna Carter Florence, "Preaching as Testimony"
It's all about authenticity

44 minutes

Stay classy, Mid-America. Thanks for dropping by. [SoMAcast]

Landon and James are a little punchy this week. After a long day of getting GPS off and running, they talk about BBQ, cultural difference, and what makes a synod so great.

And a BBQ Challenge has been issued for GA 221 Detroit 2014!

In this episode: 

GPS is going great
What is BBQ? (Hint: It comes from Kansas City)
Regional differences
Same thing, different syntax

 30 minutes

I wish someone had told me it would be like this [SoMAcast]

Being new to pastoral ministry is hard, but having someone to help you through it is not. The SoMA's Gathering for Pastoral Sustenance is a program designed to do just that.

Join Landon and James for a conversation about new ministry, monkeys, and preaching awful sermons early in their ministry.

In this episode:

Landon and James are monkeys. Sorta.
Stories of early ministry
"You learn ministry by doing ministry"
Successful Ministry vs. Sustainable Ministry
Spiritual Growth
Pastoral Imagination
Covenant Community
Independence & Accountability
Learning from Experienced Practitioners

41 minutes

We presume a lot about our presumptions [SoMAcast]

Landon Whitsitt talks with Craig Palmer, the Interim Executive of Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery, about the shift the presbytery has engineered to structure themselves for adaptive church work. The take away: Throw out what you think you know and look for what God is actually doing.

In this episode:

Adaptive Work
Shifting priorities and ways of being together
Process and relationships, not structure; gatherings, not meetings
New Beginnings and 1001 New Worshiping Communities

21 minutes

If you want to put a toilet in your kitchen, we'll tell you it's a bad idea [SoMAcast]

Join Landon and James for the first SoMAcast as they discuss the age old question, "What, exactly, is a synod?"

In this episode:

What is a synod?
Synod as a Design/Build architectural firm
The power of relationships
Critical Mass for Critical Mission
Gathering for Pastoral Sustenance as an example of the SoMA's ministry
The blessing of cultural regions

26 minutes