Presbytery Leadership Support

In Mark 10 Jesus offers his disciples a lesson on leadership, and concludes by telling them that he, himself, came to serve them not be served y them. In the mind of Jesus, leadership is about sacrifice and service.

Our member presbyteries have called several faithful disciples to serve them as they seek to support the mission and witness of their congregations. The SoMA believes that providing these leaders with opportunities to strengthen their "energy, intelligence, imagination, and love" (W-4.4003h) they can help their presbyteries more fully become communities of "faith, hope, love, and witness" (G-3.0401).


Whether they are called the "Executive Presbyter," "General Presbyter," "Pastoral Presbyter," or "Presbytery Leader" each of our member presbyteries are served by visionary leader who is called to help the body continually see the larger picture of what God is up to, and to help us stay true to that mission. The SoMA regularly gathers the Executive Leadership to enhance community support and vocational creativity.


Presbyterians are a people who have been called to live according to a mutual covenant, expressed in our Book of Confessions and Book of Order. In our presbyteries we have called Stated Clerks to serve us by reminding us of the promises we have made to one another. The SoMA gathers presbytery clerks to share best practices, assist each other in their work, and to continue developing the capacity to unleash creative ministry among their congregations.

Presbytery Moderators

The work of a Presbytery Moderator is important. The women and men called to serve us as moderators must seek to do so fairly and justly, both during official meetings as well as in interpreting the actions of a presbytery to the wider community. In some cases, this work is familiar, and in other cases, it is work that has never been engaged in before. In order to make sure that our presbyteries' moderators feel up to the task, the SoMA provides funding to help each presbytery send their moderator to the annual PCUSA Moderators' Conference, where the receive training in both parliamentary procedure as well as the changing shape of the Church and the PCUSA.