Synod of Mid-America Paragon Grant

Description, Parameters, and Application



 The Synod of Mid-America (SoMA) has established a new grant, the Paragon Grant. It’s intended purpose is to foster new and creative “examples of excellence” in congregations within the region by helping to support innovative and thoughtful projects that might not otherwise be able to be pursued.


SoMA seeks to encourage the brightest and most promising examples of excellence; ones that demonstrate outstanding potential for mission in the church. It is the SoMA’s wish that the kind of ministry supported is ministry that has not yet been tried in a given community.

Proposals should take the following into account when submitting funding requests:

  • Provide examples of how the project will stimulate new initiatives in mission and ministry.

  • Provide examples of how the project might encourage financial stewardship by seeking “matching” dollars whenever possible.

  • Provide examples that represent a new, creative mission not previously budgeted for.

  • Provide examples that encourage opportunity for experimentation and development without fear of failure.

*Paragon Grant recipients should expect to participate in the creation of a “project story” that can be shared on the SoMA website for promotional purposes. The hope is that by sharing the story, others can benefit by example. The Synod, in order to encourage creativity, will seriously and prayerfully consider any applications that come forward.


In as much detail as possible, please include the following in your request for funding:

  • Name of responsible party and all relevant contact information including any partners in this initiative. Include who will ultimately make decisions about the current and future of the initiative.

  • Please provide description of what the successful outcome of the initiative will be including planned goals & objectives. Be sure to include a timeline.

  • What new concepts and skills will you need to ensure success of this initiative.

  • Please include planned income and expenses. Include funding sources (i.e. Synod Grant, Presbytery contribution &/or any additional means of financial support)

  • Please include documentation of Session endorsement.

  • Finally, please share any additional information you feel we should know but have not specifically addressed.

Applications should be mailed to:

Synod of Mid America

Attn: Grants Committee

819 Main Street Parkville, Missouri 64152

 Or emailed to with the subject line “2019 Paragon Grant Application.”

Thank you for your application. Below is the process by which Paragon Grants will be awarded. Please feel free to contact the Synod office with any questions not adequately addressed in this document.

Process for awarding Paragon Grants

1.     Application opportunities and parameters for Paragon Grants will be posted on the Synod      website @ on or before March 1st.

2.     Once received by the Synod office, proposals shall be reviewed and considered by the Grants Committee.  Application deadline is July 1st.

3.     The Grants Committee will select recipients based on consideration of the following:

a.     Appropriateness of project within the scope of Synod Mission.

b.     Rationale of funds requested with regards to projected outcome.

c.      Potential benefit to larger church.

d.     Clear, specific and complete planning including means of evaluation.

4.     Paragon Grants are one-time awards and are not renewable.

5.     Grants will be funded up to a total disbursement of $30,000. Number of grants awarded will         be determined by number of applications and availability of funds.  

      Application is not a guarantee of award.

6.     Recipients will be notified of decision on or before August 1st

7.     Disbursement of funds will mailed no later than August 31st.


Click here to download a Paragon Grant Application