How to be Presbyterian

To "be Presbyterian" is to join a way of life informed by a particular rhythm: God calls us in grace and love; we respond in gratitude.

Many Christians live their lives thinking that different denominations are really just variations on the same thing. We can't understand why there are so many kinds of churches, and wonder why we don't just get our acts together and get along. Don't we all love Jesus, and simply want to serve him by serving the world and each other?

The answer to that question is, undoubtedly: Yes.  But, over the years, each group of Christians have developed their own take on the best way to think about and live that mission out. Presbyterians are no different. In our opinion, we filter everything through the lens of Grace and Gratitude.

Through our program Theocademy, the SoMA has produced a series of five videos that many congregations use for their New Member classes. You can view them below, in our video gallery, or on the Theocademy website (where you can also find study guides to accompany each lesson).