Glenkirk  Continuing Education Grants

 The purpose of the Glenkirk Continuing Education Fund is to assist Presbyteries in developing new and/or innovative continuing education programs, beyond a presbyteries regular annual programming.  These continuing events are not limited to teaching elders, should be open to all types of church professionals throughout the Synod.  This fund will not provide scholarships to existing continuing education programs.


  • Fund availability  will be communicated annually to the presbyteries of the Synod.
  • Presbyteries are urged to develop continuing education events for all church professionals within their bounds.  Church professionals are not limited to teaching elders.
  • Continuing education funds will be available in equal amounts to all presbyteries in the Synod of   Mid-America.  All presbyteries will be encouraged, but are not required, to open all continuing education events to the whole of the Synod.
  • Given the balance of funds available in any given year, no project or presbytery  can be guaranteed funding each year.  The purpose of the fund is to assist presbyteries in developing new and or innovative continuing education programs rather than  supporting regular or annual programs on a continued basis. 


The Continuing Education grants receive funding through the Glenkirk education fund of the Synod.

Click here for a Glenkirk Continuing Education Grant Application