Why The SoMA Should Be Connected

A Rational For Campus Ministry Grants


Every time that we pour the baptismal waters, we make a covenant to nurture the faith of the newly baptized. Campus Ministry provides a valuable resource to the church as we live out that covenant with college-aged students.  

In an age of decline in church participation and at a stage of life where most people leave the church, we would not only provide a turn around strategy for the sake of the church but also we would live into the promises we make as congregations to each of these individuals.  At baptism, congregations promise, on behalf of the whole Christian Church, to guide and nurture those being baptized by word and deed, with love and prayer, and encourage them to know and follow Christ Jesus, as faithful members of Christ’s church.  This responsibility does not cease at confirmation or graduation from high school but is life-long.  Thus, in order to fulfill our baptismal covenants with young adults, we are compelled to support campus ministries in the context of higher education within the Synod of Mid-America.

Young adults experience many transitions and are maturing through these experiences.  Aware of this, it is essential for the church to be present and provide nurture along with opportunities to engage in deep questions of life and faith, provide vibrant worship and a welcome to community.  The church is called to model Christ's example to meet people where they are on their life long journey of faith.

While in college, young adults are taught to think critically.  Simultaneously, they attempt to make meaning of faith and all of life.  Often they are found transitioning between a conventional faith into a critical-systemic faith, which then can evolve into a mature adult faith that can hold both conviction and paradox.[1] It is critical during this time of meaning making the church accompany young adults as they are faced with questions that challenge what they have known, as doubts are raised and they discern what they believe.  We believe in the call to mentor and empower these young adults as they develop their faith for themselves.

W-2.3013 The congregation as a whole, on behalf of the Church universal, assumes responsibility for nurturing the baptized person in the Christian life.

W-2.3012 e.   Making certain that those baptized are nurtured in understanding the meaning of their Baptism, of the Lord’s Supper, and of their interrelation, and that they are surrounded by Christian encouragement and support.

 1. Sharon Daloz Parks, Big Questions, Worthy Dreams ©2000 p. 13




Synod campus ministry grants currently support campus ministries at the following universities.