Calling all White Presbyterians

So I was trolling the twitters today, looking for news on the ELCA's Presiding Bishop election (BIG blessings to Bishop Elizabeth Eaton on her election!) when I found something quite interesting.

I ran across a group called the "European American Lutheran Association."

Yeah. I had the same reaction. 

Stay with me. 

Digging a little deeper, I found that this is a group that, frankly, made me want to be Lutheran. Here's their Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of the EALA is to dismantle racism, white privilege, and white power by recognizing and confessing our individual and corporate sin, and addressing institutional racism in the church and society by:
-Organizing as white people who will stand with people of color in the struggle to address and dismantle racism;
-Reclaiming our biblical heritage as one family created in God’s image;
-Educating ourselves and others within the ELCA about racism and our participation in systems that oppress others and privilege us;
-Working within the ELCA to fulfill its commitments to anti-racist multiculturalism, and to become inclusive and anti-racist;
-Learning more about the many rich and diverse cultures and national identities that currently are, or that will be, present in the ELCA, its ecumenical partners, and interfaith relationships.

Good golly, that's awesome. 

For the last several weeks, James and I have been asking you all to help us figure out what the SoMA can do to "light one candle" regarding the dismal state of Race in our church and our world.  As a 90%+ ethnically "White" church, I believe that we are obligated to stand up and do something. I'm wondering if forming an association such as the EALA for the PC(USA) would be helpful. 

So, I'm asking all the little children that Jesus loves: Is this doable? Good idea? Bad idea?