Seven Short Stories About Church

1. Poor Helen. I really shouldn't have gotten so worked up. She simply wanted to know if Mormons could go to Heaven.

2. As he lay in the hospital bed, all he could think about was her shoes. Rev. Miles would never have worn something so flashy if he was still the pastor. 

3. Jamie really thought the committee had come up with a great plan. But, then again, Pastor Cole is the one with a seminary school degree.

4. He responded to "The Body of Christ for you" with "Keep your opinions to yourself."  I didn't even mention Trayvon by name.

5. I really should have sucked it up and let the former pastor baptize my daughter. I cried like a baby the whole time. She was a perfect little angel. 

6.  I really wanted to believe the Wilsons when they said they love the congregation too much to stay. The heating bill is going to be a headache this winter.

7. He left the church 10 years ago, and not a moment too soon. Sharon is starting to worry when, lately, the Session has been fondly comparing her ministry to his.