2 Week Sabbatical

Every so often, when pastory types get together, we have an opportunity to be jealous of one of our own, because she has been granted permission to take the ever elusive SABBATICAL. 

Sometimes, it is 3 months. Sometimes, it is 6. Sometimes, it is paid by the congregation, and other times, it is funded through a grant. There may be travel, or there may be staying home to relax. But we all want it. We are all resentful that we don't have it, and we can't seem to figure out how to get someone to give us one. 

The good news is that you can take sabbatical right now. 

Starting tomorrow, I am leaving on vacation, but I am calling it a "sabbatical." I will not check in, take calls, read email, etc.  I know this sounds like a normal vacation, and you're probably wondering why I'm calling it sabbatical. Why? Because I am sending all my email to the trash while I'm gone. 

If you email me right now, here's what you'll receive in reply:

Subject: FYI - I won't see your email. :) 

I will not see the email you just sent because I am taking an email sabbatical during my vacation, June 28 through July 14.

Surely, you have uttered the words “I need a vacation to recover from my  vacation.” I know that I have, and if you mean the same thing by it that I  do, you mean that life slams you hard the moment you walk back through the door. In fact, most of the time, we can’t enjoy the last part of our Sabbath time because we are fearful about the mountains of stuff that we will be returning to. To quote danah boyd (queen of the email sabbatical), “Vacations should be a break from the insanity, not a procrastination of it.” <http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/archives/2013/06/04/email-sabbatical.html>

Enter the Email Sabbatical:

  1. From June 28 through July 14, my email inbox will be set to delete any incoming email. Everything that is sent to this address will go straight to the trash, never to be seen again.
  2. If you would have important information for me to see, resend it after July 15.
  3. If you have an issue that is time-sensitive, my colleague James Gale will be able to assist you. You can reach him by calling 913-608-7662 or by email at james@synodma.org. If he can’t help you, he will know how to get ahold of me.

Grace and Peace,


The truth is, while you are probably really good at your job, you are not the reason why your congregation, office, company runs soothly. If you give your contacts enough heads up (boyd contacts people a couple months in advance) you can make plans for just about anything. Further, if we who profess to offer the Gospel of Jesus, who's yoke is easy and burden is light, can't demonstrate appropriate self-care and Sabbath, then why would people believe us? 

So take your sabbatical now. Get some peace and rest right now.

I'll see you when I get back.