What's Going on God?

From storms ravaging the plain states, to flooding in the east, to the devastating EF-5 tornado that leveled Moore, Oklahoma, it feels like with each passing week this spring there has been news of another natural disaster.   

Each of these tragedies is full of stories that reflect both the best and the worst aspects of God's people.  The best comes in what Mr. Rodgers termed “the helpers” – those who respond by doing what they can to offer help, solace, love, comfort, and assistance in times of trial.  The worst comes when people begin to place blame on others for causing these events, which are out of human control.  The pain of these tragedies becomes exacerbated when people   use these tragedies as political or theological platforms to attack other people.   These incredible demonstrations of nature’s power have left many of us feeling a myriad of emotions and asking some difficult questions, such as where is God in all of this?

I have read many different articles and reflections this week, concerning God’s role in tragedy and the call to respond.   I have found that one of the most thought provoking reflections for me comes   from Reverend MaryAnn McKibben Dana, in her recent blog post entitled When Bad Theology Happens to Good People.  I recommend that you give it a read.  MaryAnn’s reflection is certainly not the only person to have tackled this issue over the last week.  What blogs and/or reflections have you read that continue the conversation? 

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